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ZAC TAYLOR RACING logo FINALI’m Zac Taylor, and I am a professional race car driver from Green River, Wyoming.  I was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming on December 12, 1998.  I live in Green River, Wyoming. I am currently attending online school, through Liberty University Online Academy.

I am a first generation race car driver in my family. I became interested in racing at a very young age.  My parents had taken me to several races at a local dirt track and a few NASCAR races.  One night, after the races at a local dirt track, a family friend who is a race car driver named Casey Delp, showed me a Quarter Midget race car.  I started talking about racing and driving race cars.  It took a lot of talking to get my parents convinced I was serious!

My Dad and I went to Erie Colorado, to the Rocky Mountain Quarter Midget Association (RMQMA) race track for a “Try It – You’ll Like It”.   Not only did I really like it, we came home with a race car. I started my quarter midget novice training / racing the following weekend at the age of 6 ½ years old. My teachers in the program were awesome. In my first race I crashed.  The instructors talked to me, other parents helped fix my car, and I went back out and won the race ….  I was 6 ½ years old and “hooked” on racing quarter midgets.   In the beginning, the idea was that we would go to race once a month, due to us having to travel from Green River, WY to Erie, CO to race, a 5 hour drive.  That idea did not last …. my family and I had so much fun that we just had to come back the next weekend.  This allowed us to meet several unique racing families.

I raced in several different classes in quarter midgets. Jr. Honda, Sr. Honda, Jr. Stock, Sr. Stock, Modified, Honda 160, and World Formula, winning several races, awards, and Championships.   I traveled to race all the Colorado races. I also raced at Billings, Montana, Las Vegas, NV, Tucson, AZ and Austin, Texas. 

When I was 10 Years old and still racing the quarter midgets, I started racing a 270 Micro Sprint. I got more serious in the Micro Sprint racing, traveling 7 hours to get to those races. 

I raced the winter series at I-76 Speedway in Fort Morgan Colorado, so I could get a good feel for the car, racing on the dirt and shifting gears, before the summer racing series started.  I then started racing with the Colorado Outlaw 270 Micro Sprint series, at 11 years old.  I won Rookie of the year.  I continued to race the Winter Series wining the I-76 Speedway Championship. 

I started talking to my dad about moving up to a larger car. I wanted to race a 305 Sprint Car.  My dad told me that once I won a Championship with the Colorado Outlaws we would talk about moving up to that class.  The next year, at 12 years old, I won the Championship with the Colorado Outlaw 270 Micro Sprint Series.  I was the Youngest Champion that they ever had.  I was not racing against kids my age, I was racing against older teenagers and adults.

That fall we went to Sacramento California to race.  The promoter of the Colorado Outlaws, Robert DeRouchey, had gone also. The track officials were really not sure about letting me race, they felt I was too young.  Robert DeRouchey told them “This is our Track Champion” so they decided that maybe I could race.  It was a 50 lap race that took over an hour to complete due to all the cautions.  I took 6th place, I was exhausted yet excited that I did that well.

I raced the winter series again, to keep with seat time, winning the I-76 Speedway Championship once again.  During the winter my dad had ordered me a new Hyper 270 Sprint Car, keeping it a secret.  In the mean time I found a 305 Sprint car that was for sale.  I spoke with Greg Schaffer for about half an hour, before I went and found my dad to come and talk to him.  I had talked to him about working with me at learning how to drive the car.  We bought the 305.  Greg had the engine being built at USA Performance Engine, which we also bought. 

I was 13 now and I raced with the 270 Micro Sprints, but I was also invited to try out the 305 Sprint Car with the United Rebel Sprint Series, (URSS). I tagged the back of the group until I felt comfortable handling the car with the difference in the engine power.   I only raced a hand full of races, with my last race not being very successful.  I bumped the right rear wheel of the car in front of me, which turned me towards the wall.

2013 at the age of 14, was my first full season at racing with United Rebel Sprint Series. We started racing in April. In June I won my first race in McCook Nebraska.  In July, in Liberal Kansas I won my 2nd race, also winning the Five State Fair Championship.  I took Rookie of the Year in Kansas and National Rookie of the Year. I placed 8th in National Points, 7th in Colorado Region Points, 3rd in Kansas Region Points, and 7th In Heartland Nebraska Sprint Series Points.    We raced 28 races that year. 

In 2014, at the age of 15, I won the season opener with URSS, at Dodge City Raceway Park.  In June I won the race at McCook Nebraska.  In July at a National race in Wakeeney, Kansas I had one of my worst days ….  I crashed.  As I was laying there on my side, I thought maybe I should take my belt off and climb out of the car, thankfully I didn’t. About that same time another car came in and hit me, and sent me spinning again.  My car was totaled.  I was told by some fans that the flag man did not throw the yellow flag, and the cars came in at full speed. 

My parents and I put another car together for the scheduled races towards the end of July, first time out in the new car I took second I felt like I was on top of the world again. I was very excited.  We went on to race at Belleville High Banks, called the world’s fastest half mile dirt track.  The track was amazing.  The tops of the trees looked like tops of bushes. I finished 6th place at that race.   I then had another crash in Calhan, CO.  Another car and I got together, sending me tumbling over the wall.  We put together the car, and went out to race again, pulling another 2nd place.  We raced 21 Races that year with 11 top 5 finishes.  I finished 7th place in National Points and 5th place in Kansas Region Points.

zac-taylor-sprint-car-win-american-flagAt the beginning of the 2015 race season, my racing was really not going very smoothly, but come July, it started working out. I won twice at one of the tracks I was so disgusted at in 2014 that I had told my parents that I never wanted to go back to.  I just knew that I needed to keep digging in and things would turn out better.  On July 4th, then again on July 24th, I won at El Paso County Raceway, Calhan, CO racing with (BST) – Blood Sweat and Tears Racing Series. 

On September 20th I won a URSS National racing event – The Bob Salem Memorial, in Oberlin, KS.  This was a special racing event for me.  At the beginning of the year I had started taking at marketing class with “Annamarie” Marketing at Full Speed. We wrote down 5 Goals that I wanted to succeed with by the end of the Year.  Winning a National Racing Event was one of those Goals. 

On October 3rd, I won another race that was pretty special to me.  I Won at I-76 Speedway Fort Morgan, CO.  I had started my dirt racing career at this track.  When I checked in for the races, the lady at the booth (Toni) still remembered me. The announcer also remembered me and my past, so he was educating the fans about who I was and about my career.  

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